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Modern kitchen tables

Just because of the functionality provided by the modern kitchen table, many families want to have it these days. Modern kitchen tables can be used for dining as well as preparing food and these two things cause too much of wear and tear. This is the reason why your kitchen table looks old and ugly after some time. To restore the beauty of your table, refinishing would be a great idea. This will also save your money since you won’t need to purchase another new table. All you got to do is refinish it perfectly to make it look beautiful one again. The old small kitchen table can become a modern kitchen table and give a new look to your kitchen.

When you start refinishing your kitchen table you need to have a chemical stripper first. You should gently brush thick chemical stripper on the table’s surface. Before applying the stripper you should read the instruction first carefully, so that you know how much is right for your modern kitchen table. Let it be on the table for a couple of minutes. After a while, you should take it out using paint scraper or a knife. You should continue this process until the chemical stripper completely goes off your table.

After that process, you should sand the surface of the table carefully with a grit fine sand paper and a sanding block. This will make your table smooth again. You can wipe your table with a soft cloth to clean the surface, once you are done with sanding. Finally, use a wood stain to paint your modern kitchen table and you will see the beauty of your table back. You can use polyurethane on your table for the finishing touch to make it look shiny and new again. Let the table dry completely, before you make use of it. A few days ago your table was like an eyesore in the corner of your kitchen but today it is a great modern kitchen table for your breakfast and meal and the whole family will definitely love the new look and feel.

Modern kitchen tables are beneficial to your home in many ways. They are comparatively inexpensive and give a cozy look at the same time. They just fit into any corner of your kitchen, your family can sit together on this table for eating and it can also be an excellent working space.


Small kitchen tables

Small kitchen tables can be a great addition to your home, even if you have a nice looking dining room already. It is surely nice to have a dining room table, but it also nice to have small kitchen table. Most people are not very sure if they want to make an investment in buying another table, but a small kitchen definitely comes with lot of benefits. Below are some of the benefits from a small kitchen table that you can enjoy.

1. Creates a cozy atmosphere: One of the important benefits of a small kitchen table is that they set a cozy atmosphere. Not only that but it also makes your kitchen look more elegant. Mind visions of family dinners are brought by a small kitchen table where you can have a nice morning coffee while reading your newspaper and more. Adding a small kitchen table can be a great idea, if you want that cozy look in your kitchen. It will make the atmosphere of the kitchen so cozy that you would not want to leave you kitchen.

2. Fits Easily in a corner: Another great advantage of small kitchen table is that they fit very easily into a corner in your kitchen. You don’t need a large kitchen to keep this table. Some of them are specially built to fit in a corner or a nook so that too much of space in your kitchen is not occupied. You don’t need a table that is too big or takes up a huge floor space, especially in those kitchens that are small in size. No matter how small your kitchen is, you can surely get a small kitchen table that can fit into your small kitchen as well.

3. Makes your family to eat together: Small kitchen tables also encourage your family to eat together. Even if you have a table in your dining room, you may not always feel like eating there as a family. When you have a small kitchen table where you can sit together with your family in the kitchen, you are more likely to have food together and you will not have all those formalities that come with the dining room table. Spending time with your family is very important, especially when you eat you should sit with your family, talk and eat together.

4. Comes in handy: Small kitchen tables can also come in handy for you to keep some of your cooked food or other food stuff and containers when you need that extra space when you have a family get together or party.


Round kitchen tables

Whenever one is decorating a house or rearranging their home, tables play a huge role in determining what can go where and what amount of space can be saved if placed in a certain way. In every room however, there is always need for more table top space and here is where round tables fit perfectly into the picture. Round tables are most ideal for hosting meals for the entire family regardless of the occasion.

Round kitchen tables

Comparison between round tables and square tables

Round tables are the best to have when hosting a dinner where people’s main concern is the discussions, informal talks or even jokes. Although in most homes one is likely to find the square top tables.

The square top tables make it difficult, in the case of a family, to ensure that the children are disciplined at the table, and there is a way that some members are obstructed from others.

1. Seating advantage
The lack of corners in a round table is an advantage in terms of the fact that one can arrange the seats in a creative way or just leave it at people’s discretion to sit as they please and they end up being round the table. The round table can be fitted into any space in the kitchen without any hustle owing to its shape.

2. Ease of conversing
The round table provides for every person being able to see the other person, thus easing the conversation. The square table hides those at the extreme ends beside you, and cuts them off from your conversation; it only makes it easy for you to converse with those who are sitting right across.

The round table also makes it easier to pass around the food since it is at the center, making it easier to host any gathering of the family in a more convenient way.

3. The children’s preference
Children like to have fun and interact with people during a meal, and the round table provides them with this opportunity to do so and also learn from the grown-ups by imitating them.

4. Round tables hold comparatively more people
The circular nature of the table makes it possible to seat people all round, a quality that is not enjoyed by those that are at a rectangular table or square, where at the corners there is no way someone can sit comfortably.

5.An eclectic collection of chairs
A round kitchen table goes along with any type of chairs as long as it is covered with a nice table cloth and therefore one does not need a whole set of seats to come with it.